Brewery Overview (The Rest of the Rest)

Of course we can’t list all of the brewers in Japan (although RateBeer does here), but here are some others that you may see around frequently or have at least one very good beer:

  • Baeren – A German-style brewery that is quite affordable and generally pretty good (the Ursus weizen bock is great)
  • Tazawako – Another German-style brewery, with an exceptional (but very rare) rauch
  • Iwate Kura – Their oyster stout is very very good, but other than that not so great
  • Ise Kadoya – Getting more and more popular these days, and although I find only their Imperial Red Ale to be noteworthy they are not too bad
  • Brimmer – Very small scale, has potential but do not yet see too much output from them
  • Daisen G – Well-respected although it’s a bit hard to find their stuff; their stout is quite nice
  • Nihonkai Club – Outstanding pilsener! Although their other output is both rare and not too exciting
  • Hansharo – Relatively minor and hard to find, but I find most of their beer to be well-done
  • Harvestmoon – Stylistically this brewer is kind of all over the map, but overall they also make nice beer
  • Aqula – A brewery in Akita that I find to be a bit inconsistent, but their Kiwi IPA is one of the best IPAs in Japan
  • Tokorozawa – A relatively new brewery focused on beer by the community for the community; generally good quality and the Dark Horse Black IPA is excellent
  • Outsider – Hard to find their bottles, but their kegs are starting to become more popular; generally good
  • Bay Brewing Yokohama – A very local small-scale brewery in Yokohama; known for their Bay Pilsner

We’ll add some more one-line reviews to this list as either we discover or remember breweries, but now we’ll start with some detailed reviews of particular breweries we like.


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